7 simple tips for architecture students to work faster!

Do you feel like it is unmanageable to work to your expectation during submissions? Here are some ways to help you overcome such situations:

architecture Students Develop Productivity At work

1.Work on a schedule and make a to-do list:

Begin your work with a well-organized and timed to-do list. To be organized, write down the list of pending tasks and to-do task on a piece of paper. Also, keep some space left for ad-hoc tasks. The above process will help you keep track of time, and avoid procrastination (if that is humanly possible). Always try to start with the heaviest tasks at the earliest, once this task is finished, it would increase your morale and boost your confidence to complete other tasks at ease. If the going, gets tougher then avoid working continuously for long duration and take small breaks at regular intervals.

2.Outline your work process and formulate a checklist:

As mentioned on the previous section, different taks require and take different procedures. So, with the beginning of every task re-check your usual routine and develop a plan suitable as per the project. Don’t forget the fact that 80% of your results come from just 20% of your effort. Focus on results, not work. More hours does not always equal more results.

3.Keep minimal time on social media and the internet altogether if need be:

Instagram Stories distract you and drain your time and energy without you even noticing. It is understandable you cannot always keep away, but when you get to work try to.

4.Be Smart with your time:

‘Time is of the essence’ in architecture, and so you need to be smart with how you use your time. Don’t give any tasks longer than they need, and don’t make mistakes that will make them take longer. The time wasted on this needless work could have been spent on any sort of refreshing entertainment. Besides following the three previous tips, you need to know your tools well. Master the software and computer programs you are using and know the shortcuts. Know all the tips and tricks that will make you be quicker and better. Use the best tools and invest time in learning the latest software which will save your time in the long run. Also, make it a habit to keep everything you need around you to avoid needless movement.

5. Use keyboard shortcuts.

Most programs have keyboard shortcuts for commands. In many cases, you can even program your own shortcuts. You can shave off a lot of time over the course of the day by using fewer clicks to get your work done.

6.Monitor your diet and drink water regularly:

Avoid eating fatty foods and heavy carbs before work because they will make you feel tired and sleepy. Instead, try to eat light and healthy options like vegetables, fruits, and lean meat. Drink water regularly, no less than 2 liters per day; it will help you stay focused. Your brain needs enough oxygen to function, so take few minutes out to inhale fresh air and move around now and then.

7.Jot down your Ideas:

It is good to always keep a sketch book or note application handy to quickly put all your buzzing thoughts in one place, more like a personal journal. This also saves your time in reflecting back to your previous ideas when needed rather going through the entire process in your mind to arrive at it. In this way you could also build your writing skills. This habit of writing can greatly help you improve your communication and in turn your designs, to know more about it read through this artic; Make your designs better by writing.

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