An Architecture of its own.

A Short article written about the time I visited Kavishaila

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“Nearer to Euphoria”, is what describes the mystic beauty of Kavishaila, the resting place of the greatest poet of modern times; Kuppali Venkatappa Puttappa.

Kavishaila takes a person through the meandering pathways, directed by the sylvan beauty around, towards the Samadhi of the poet. Nodes created using monolithic rocks array itself as a backdrop to the place, resembling the Stonehenge.

Creating a space from nothingness is the milestone achievement at Kavishaila. The monolithic rocks gives a visual as well as physical guidance on the ethereal journey that one undertakes to see the resting place of Kuvempu and further on to the place where he held discussions with his literature friends including the famous B. M. Srikantaiah and T S Venkannaiah. Kuvempu was laid to rest at this place and a granite rock tomb was built over his burial site. Standing by the rocks placed in a circular manner, which was used for discussions, one can almost travel back in time to feel the motivation nature provided to Kuvempu that made him the greatest nature poet of modern India.

The weather compliments the architecture and one can feel the poems in the air as the winds touch their face. The serenity preserved around the place adds on to the nature of use keeping one wonder on how one couldn’t write poems here. The tranquil nature of the space hushes the thoughts and hums the lines of the poems to people who have read the books of Kuvempu.

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