Brick Tide

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Brick Tide

The façade is a fusion between traditional material and contemporary idea.


Architects : architecturefirm

Location : Surat, India

Category : Houses

Lead Architect : Ar.Ashsih Patel

Design Team : Ar.Drashti Patel, Kajal Rana

Area : 400 sq ft

Project Year : 2018

Photographs : The Fishy Project, Ishita Sitwala

Engineer & Fabrication : Shyambhai

Brick Contractor : Harsad Parmar

The “Brick Tide” House sits in one of the dense neighbourhoods in the city of Surat. With a modest budget, the owners hoped to renovate the entire structure into a G+2 residential dwelling. The client had entrusted the architect with a free artistic reign over the design of the elevation, which led it to become one the most captivating houses amongst the typical structures in the vicinity.

The small scale of the project was an opportunity to think about materiality and experimentation at a minute scale, along with the challenge of taking the closely placed houses in consideration. Adopting a positive deviation from mundane elevations in this part of the city, a simple cubical form transforms into an interesting design feature. Taking multiple design aspects into consideration, which include aesthetics, openings, light and shadow, safety and security, the resulting product was a brick screen weaving across the two storeys, creating an uninterrupted façade.

It was envisioned that wrapping the unexciting solid wall in the front with an interesting brick screen would lighten and liven its presence in the locality. So rather than approaching the brick as a rigid material, a masonry veil is meticulously designed, with bricks flowing seamlessly into a wave pattern. Discreet apertures are left in the screen taking into consideration the need for more light in certain spaces. The screen exhibits unique joinery details. It gains stability through a technically adventurous, but totally reliable metal framework, which is inconspicuously incorporated into the design detailing. This animates the entire screen, rendering a feel of free standing free-flowing bricks. The interior receives dappled sunlight, with a constantly changing play of light and shadow. The design balances the desire for natural light with the necessity of security.

The façade is a fusion between traditional material and contemporary idea. It appears at once assertive and responsive, aesthetic as well as functional.

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