Coliving - Is it the future of living?

Millennials are looking out for experiences not possessions! Coliving is trying to fill in the missing interaction for the next generation.

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Ever since the plug and play living design competition had started, our uber cool followers were bombarding with questions asking what co-living is. We realised that many have been new to this term, I choose my words carefully on the previous sentence because we, irrespective of the millennial generation, all have been in co-living or co-lived. 

Remember the time when we were kids in a small community, we used to read together during the reading hour irrespective of age. Mothers would share the food with neighbours when there is a need and get to learn new recipes from the neighbour who might be from another state. Fathers, every day in the morning would have a cup of Tea with their fellow people and discuss a LOT on politics, sports and business. When there is a power-cut during the evenings, we all would have gathered in our terrace and used to chill out in our own ways. And we as kids used to play cards or board games. Seems to be bringing a lot of nostalgia moments right.

Yes, now coming back on the competition part, imagine about re-creating the same community for millennial in a flashy apartment. Times have changed and so does our habits, The Smartphones have re-defined our communication and interaction with others. In the 90’s we spent and had time with friends and now we call it co-living.

Co-living buildings have a new iteration and designs more akin to the millennials, hipsters-oriented luxury rental developments that are sprouting worldwide with designs that include raw wood shelving, vintage board games, Dutch bikes and Books in the common area.

Why there is a huge surge in Co-Living spaces? There are several reasons to justify the question. According to a article published on ArchDaily, the high prices of real estate and an increasingly solitary lifestyle are leading people to seek new ways of living. Despite the similarities with a student house, co-living combines many other aspects, such as a sense of community, sustainability, and collaborative economy.

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