Make your designs better by writing.

Writing only costs time and the rewards that can stem from it are innumerable.

Writing For Architecture Create content And Earn

To be an Architect, focusing on drawing, modelling and designing are not the only must-have skills. Communication as a skill is too often ignored by architecture students and professionals, simply because we don’t understand the relevance or importance of the skill in this profession.

There is no such thing as good or bad design as creativity is highly subjective. So, communication is an essential skill, it would be a major tool in your arsenal to describe your designs to clients and eventually sell your designs to further move up in your career. We also do communicate with sketches but the habit of writing helps you to discipline your thinking and also activates a number of different cognitive processes, and unleashes your creativity. 

Moreover clients who are not from design background do not understand the technical terms which an architect use in their day to day communication. Many of them wouldn't have heard of fenestration or FAR/FSI and so on. All they need is an appealing design which fits their bill. Using too much of technical words while speaking might also reduce their curiosity to look further into the design. Hence, writing as a skill could make an impact here.

SqrFactor is trying their best to bridge the gap between young architects and businesses, as a result, we are coming up with an initiative to “Create Content and Earn” giving an opportunity to young architects/designers who love to write and make money out of their genuine & original content posted on SqrFactor.

So, how to kick start writing, follow these steps:

Create an account or Login if you already have an account on

Once you are into the platform, Click on Article section and you can make use of our amazing editor where you can upload multiple pictures, videos, text and make it look beautiful, just the way you like it.

After Publishing your article, we will proofread and approve at once, if we love them. Once approved you can see your article on WHAT'S RED section

You can share your articles with your friends just by clicking on the share button and the best part, for every 200 views of your article you will earn 1$ (INR 70).

So… What are you waiting for? Get all set, start writing!

You can learn more about it here: Create Content & Earn @ SqrFactor

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