The Cubola House

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The Cubola House

Privacy is territorial, but it’s the art that blurs down the barriers

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This building revolves around the concept of creating boundaries that do not intimidate the viewer rather enhances the experience of how a villa design can occupy less amount of space and yet create comfort and exhibit elegance. The villa as desired by the client works on the concept of sufficiency and serves the purpose of being a retreat home for a mature couple. The dominant colour pallet of the house is white with hues of grey that strikes a contrast to its colourful surroundings.

The mould of the Villa can be perceived to be integrated cuboids that creates volumes through its blends that soften the edges of the structure, this in spite of the regional variance provides a sense of joy when perceiving the space.

The ground floor of the building constitutes of parking space shaded by the cuboidal structure and a secured access to the staircase with the entry wall patterned in cubic openings trailing rhythm through the space, these openings blend into the exterior which provide striking rays of light and is inclusive of the exterior.

The first floor has a portico that leads to the entrance of the house. The Studio Villa has sufficient series of spaces - The island kitchen preceding to the hall and further to the bedroom with a secluded toilet by means of a walk-in closet. The concept of the interior spaces is derived from the primitive traditional houses of Southern India, Kudusai Veedu (Hut homes) these houses reflect the compactness and needfulness of the space and an aesthetic approach to the client’s roots.

The house trails similar character in and out of being just. The exterior of the house has its surreal surroundings to enhance the building as a whole and the interior space has its choice of fabrics to reflect the seasons of style. This compact structure stands undyed to its elements just like the purpose of a design for a space till it’s explored.

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